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Our offerings
The Berco Service Division offers a complete
solution to your undercarriage maintenance
needs, with a range of specific operations
including pin & bushing turning, roller lubrication,
track shoe fastening or on-site machine servicing.
Superior engineering and technology,
comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art
manufacturing ensure the total quality of the
equipment offered.
Berco offers turnkey solutions, custom-made
design and supply of complete workshop and
repair facilities, training and technical

DCL/DCL-D Lubrication Device 
Max. vacuum759 mm/Hg
Vacuum pump capacity 
at atm. pressure
66 dm3/min
Oil pump max. delivery
3 dm3/min
183 in3/min
Pressure setting3 bar
43 lbf/in2
Oil tank capacity
75 dm3
2.6 ft3
DCL/DCL-D Lubrication Device
Moving Your bussiness ahead.

• PT350 stationary hydraulic press for the assembly/disassembly of medium and large-size track chains (e.g. Komatsu D575, O&K RH120C, Liebherr R994B and Caterpillar D11 track chains)
• PT250 stationary hydraulic press for medium and small-size chains
• PP50 and PP100 portable presses powerful and versatile tools for assembly and disassembly of track chains, sprockets, rollers, shafts, transmission components, etc…
• Complete line of tools for servicing various undercarriage sizes, available upon request
•DCL and DCL-D track control and lubricating devices for checking the vacuum in oil seals and injecting oil into lubricated chains, rollers and idlers (DCL-D model)
•CEM7000 electromechanical track shoe wrench for screwing and unscrewing the shoe bolts on tracked vehicle chains, both large and small. The electronic “torque-turn” control ensures highly reliable and consistent bolt torquing results. The high torque developed facilitates bolt removal even in the most difficult situations (e.g. rust)
• The ACC track winder is designed for winding medium and small-size chains, whereas the ACC/S is specifically designed for the larger sizes
Electromechanical Wrench

Max. torque on socket shaft7,000 N•m
5,160 lbf•ft
Max. final tightening angle360°
Socket shaft rotation speeds 
(2-speed), in either direction
8.5-145 rpm
Socket shaft motor power6 HP
4.5 kW
Max. admitted width
track chain + shoes
1,200 mm
Max. admitted height 
track chain + shoes
370 mm
CEM7000 Electromechanical Wrench
ACC-ACC/S Track Winders
Max output torque
6600 Н.м9100 Н.м
Motor rating
4 HP
3 kW
4 HP
3 kW
Max. mass admitted 
onto spindle
3,600 kg 6,000 kg
Max track shoe width admitted  (with optional device)
762 (1,000) mm1,460 mm
ACC-ACC/S Track Winders
PP100-PP50 Portable Hydraulic
Track Presses

Max. ram force911.4 kN (93 tf)490 kN (50 tf)
Max. traction of rams
715.4 kN (73 tf)323.4 kN (33 tf)
Max. operating pressure70 Mpa (700 bar)70 Mpa (700 bar)
Max. ram stroke
350 mm
280 mm
Oil capacity4.64 dm32.00 dm3
РР100-РР50 Портативные гидравлические прессы
PP100-PP50 Portable Hydraulic Track Presses
PT250-PT350 Hydraulic Track Presses

Max ram force1,803 kN (184 tf)3,185 kN(325 tf)
Max operating pressure
31.5 Mpa (315 bar)35 Mpa (350 bar)
Макс. давление70 мПа (700 бар)70 мПа (700 бар)
Ram rod diameter
230 mm270 mm
Max ram stroke160 мм190 мм
РТ250-РТ350 Гидравлические прессы для сборки цепей
PT250-PT350 Hydraulic Track Presses
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