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Авторемонтные станки Берко
Авторемонтные станки Берко
Авторемонтные станки Берко
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Machine equipment and tools for repair of a vehicle engine parts

I. honing:

1. Honing machines:
● vertical honing machines:
- Berco (Италия)
2. Honing head
3. Honing stones
4. Brushes for brushing (brushes platohoningovaniya)
5. Flex-hones, abrasive nylon brushes from

II. boring:

1. Boring machines for boring cylinder blocks and cylinder liners:
● Berco (Италия)
2. Horizontal boring machines for beds crankshafts and camshafts
● Berco (Италия)
3. Boring head
4. Boring tools: - soldered, of any kind, custom,
● with carbide inserts
● Custom-carbide inserts of any kind
● carbide plates in stock and on order
5. Tsentroiskateli
6. The device for measuring the liner protrusion

III. repair of cylinder heads:

1. machines for the cylinder head:
● Berco (Италия)
2. machines for milling and polishing of the cylinder head and cylinder block:
3. machine tools for milling and polishing of the cylinder head and cylinder block of the company Berco:
- STC 361
- STC 461
- SM Series
4. The machine for grinding valves:
5. grinding machines working facet of the valve company Berco
6. Nutromer Berco (Italy) for the measurement of holes in hard to reach places.

IV. repair of connecting rod:

Machines for connecting rods:
● Berco (Италия):
- ARB 651
- AB 651VS

Авторемонтные станки Berco Spa
Lineup auto repair tools Berco Spa
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