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Machine for boring valve seats and guides model ASV / BL

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Machine model ASV / BL for repairing the cylinder heads of large diesel engines, but it is possible to produce and repair operations of small and medium cylinders heads.

Ball nut, this model is standard.

It is possible to order additional equipment - digital indicator of the depth of processing and electronic control device movement of the spindle, that will ensure higher quality and accuracy while reducing processing time.
Станки для ремонта головки блока цилиндров Berco
Станок для расточки седел клапанов и направляющих втулок модели ASV/bl

working capacity: 
The maximum length of the cylinder head1300 мм 
The bore of the valve seat: the minimum and maximum diameter16-75 мм
The minimum and maximum spindle speed per minute25 / 400
The maximum longitudinal movement of the spindle head215мм 
The maximum transverse shear machined headstock75 мм
The maximum angle of inclination of the spindle (in both directions), degrees15 мм
The maximum distance between the desktop and the spindle450 мм
Power of the spindle drive motor, kW0,75
dimensions and weight:
1640 мм 
845 мм
1905 мм  
850 kg
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